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Vegetables – raw or cooked

Posted on October 20, 2009 in News by HelenL Comments Off

rawveg082707I was asked yesterday whether vegetables are best cooked or raw, its a great question as there does seem to be conflicting information in the press.

Raw vegetables contain enzymes that are needed by the bodyy to breakdown other foods and cooking can destroy these enzymes. Some vitamins are also destroyed by heat. On the other hand, some nutrients can be enhanced by cooking, particularly carotenoids found in carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach. Research has shown that while you might absorb 3 – 4% of the carotenoids in a raw carrot, that can increase to 15-20% if the carrots are cooked and mashed.

So what should you do? Well as with most things, the best thing as always is moderation. Ensure that you have both raw and cooked vegetables in your diet each day. To get more ideas of how you can use different vegetables in your meals and snacks everyday, why not book onto the next “Eat for Health” course starts again in September, email Helen at