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About Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the science of how our body interacts with food. Grounded in recognised science, nutritional therapy takes a holistic approach to our health, and how it can be affected by what we eat.

As well as simply choosing to eat in a way that sustains your health, there are many different conditions that may be helped by nutritional therapy

As individuals we all have different health backgrounds, genes and lifestyles. Based on these factors, nutritional therapy focuses on discovering the underlying causes of physical imbalances rather than the symptoms.

A healthy eating plan which takes all of these things into account leads to a sustainable, long term improvement of your health and diet, rather than a temporary quick fix.

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"Helen has shown me the importance of eating right and taking care of myself. I rave about her to whoever will listen and my friends now all think I'm an expert too! Highly recommended."

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